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Shoes: Forever New

Bag: Michael Kors

Austhetically pleasing.

This could be my motto in life. And it’s totally not about all things glamorous. No. It is about beauty in all things around me. Like it doesnt matter if it’s my homemade stirred fried noodles or an outfit or a cover of a book. It just has to be austhetically pleasing. I’m immediately drawn to all things beautiful because I know that beauty takes time to be created. It requires time, taste, skill and it takes effort.

God took time to create the planet, so should we take time to create beauty.

Art and phylosophy, that’s what beautiful is to me, or should I say I look at the world through the prism of these two things. I constantly search for beauty and meaning. All the time, everywhere. And if I dont find it, I get frustrated because in my world there has to be beauty and meaning, otherwise it’s a useless planet populated with degrading beings.

Indeed we humans carry the most beautiful and meaningful things inside of us. And I trully love people. I love beautifull people, those who have austhetically pleasing hearts and minds. I love how attractively people can giggle, or wink, or even turn their head at you when you call their name. I love how intelligent people can be and how deep they can think. I love people who stay loyal, people who have strong morals in life. I love people who have something to say and people who want to make a difference. I love people who love things hard and who are passionate about sunsets, poetry and ocean. I love people who are genuine, people who are talented. People who create things, people who share something of their own. I love people who are warm, people who have this contagious energy about them, people who have opened kind hearts. People who help others, people who make this planet a better place.

There’s art and meaning in such people. There’s something more than life in them, there’s a beautiful soul.

And souls live for eternity.

But you think its easy to be a beautiful person? Indeed it isnt. Putting a Chanel dress on is not enough, it takes effort to have a beautiful heart.

It takes effort just like anything else in life.

Because God didn’t create us to be pathetic, He created us to hustle.

wrap me in grey







Dress: Pilgrim

Shoes: MARCO

Sunglasses: People by People

Practically just to save yourself from never-ending depression and chronic dissatisfaction with life never ever should you do anything for the sake of pleasing somebody else. Nah, Im not saying you shouldn’t get up early on a Saturday morning to bake pancakes for your loved one or drive that extra mile to the supermarket which is the only one that has that hummus Mom loves so much or staying up late to help your brother with homework although you have to get up early in the morning.

No. I’m talking about doing things to only seem cool or just because it’s hashtagged “goals” on Instagram. Be it reading that particular book so people will think you are smart or eating vegetables so people will think you are healthy or stop cursing so people will think you are a good person or wearing all black and white so people will think you are stylish. Whatever it is you shouldn’t make something out of yourself what you are actually SO not. I honestly don’t think that adaptation is a bad form of human behaviour but I strongly believe that it isn’t the right form to be used on a regular basis. If you are adapting too much, you are throwing your individuality into a litter bin.

Put your pereference as the highest priority. Never put public opinion.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t surround yourself wih people who would annoy you with their “meat comments” (aarggh, cant stress this enough) but look for those who you could go vegan restaurant hunting together instead. If you love to drink, don’t talk with people who assume that drinking makes you a bad person apparently, be with those who would drink with you on rooftops and talk about life. If you love to read smart books meet people you can disscuss those books with. If you dream of going to Ibiza don’t hang out with those who think it’s a stupid idea going there, find those who would buy you a ticket for your birthday. If you can’t stand people who sleep around, stop being friends with them and go for those who dream of becoming a young parent as well.

Do not adapt to anything or anyone. Be original and apparently you will attract the right people and things to your life. Think your own thoughts, eat the food you like, listen to the music that makes you feel good, wear what you look your best in. If you know that those cullotes will make your legs look bigger don’t wear them just because everybody else does. Know what makes you look flattering and stick to that. Don’t try to copy all the fashionistas on the block. Don’t wear short skirts to be attractive. Don’t wear things just because its trendy. Don’t hide behind someone else’s identity. 


surround yourself with things which are “so you”.

Have your own atmosphere.

Create your own vibe.

Don’t try to copy others.

Be authentic.

And stay true to yourself.

So where I was going with this? Oh yeah. This dress, yes, that dress right there. Is the definition of the perfect dress for me. It is just “so me” that I could wear it every day. I mean, shout out to wrap dresses that flatter your figure plus look stylish and also come in your favorite color. I can totally dress it down with sparkly sneakers (all the way from Italia, mama mia, by the way) or dress it up with heels and a turban to add some spice. To more dresses like this in my wardrobe. Let me get my glass, wait. Finding your perfect dress deserves a sip. Okay, cheers!

Cheers to your individuality and cheers to clothes that trully makes you feel confident!

Photography by Chrystlm


lace affairs

Mint 1 Mint 4Mint 6 MINT Mint 10

Mint 7

Mint 5

Mint 3

Top: Zara

Skirt: Nasty Gal


Shoes: New Balance

Sunglasses: People by People

So there are two types of “killer” outfits:

“killer number one” – as in legit killer which looks so good, nobody would resist from staring

and “killer number two” meaning killing YOU in all ways possible.

And lets be honest here – we’ve all had the “killer number two” way too many times…

And I mean, yeah, it looks super cool but is such a pain in the ass to wear it. You will be suffering in heels the whole day, fixing that skirt, checking if the shirt is still in place, carrying that bag which creases your shirt and is super heavy at the same time… But I mean, you look ****ing gorgeous and that’s the main part of it. Or is it? Because you know that the whole day the only thought in your mind is going to be “Do I look alright?” or in other words “Am I still killing with my outfit? or the outfit is killing me?”

We have all been there, we have all sacrificed in the name of fashion. Amen.

Fashion victims? Call it what you want. But I wouldn’t say its a bad kind of suffering, it all pays off. End of the day I do it for my own satisfaction. But… There are those good days when I’m just not ready to suffer and want to look super stylish and feel comfy all day. And that’s where I have my all-time favorite  solution and it’s honestly pretty darn simple. The trend that has been such a boom in a fashion world for awhile but then everybody got so used to it that it almost became ordinary now  but to date is one of the bestest and coolest trends ever.

Sneakers + dress/skirt = bomb

It is honestly one of my favourite ways to dress up. That sporty chic vibe you would see on a DKNY runway. And I mean it just works so well, you are girly and comfy at the same time plus you look super trendy! Well, of course, the downside of this is that I keep on wanting to buy more and more sneakers but wait, who said its a bad thing anyway?

The dress/skirt can be as sporty or as girly as you would like, there’s basically so much room for a good experiment. I paired these grey/mint New Balance kicks with my favourite lace skirt because I am totally obsessed with clashing all feminine with grunge or sporty. I could literally wear this skirt every day because thats how much I love it, and other people obviously love it too because whenever I wear it they can’t stop starring!! (to be honest, they all get tricked because it seems like I have nothing underneath haha) And excuse me but, khm khm, that collared shirt is looking good right there! Let me know if you are just as psycho over everything collared as me.

I could definitely name this outfit “pure love” because I totally managed to combine all pieces I so so love and will keep on buying in every color and style. And guess what? The best part of it all, is that you are actually feeling so comfortable wearing something like that you’ll be able to go for a marathon even if you’d like, or hit a fashion week (which is totally equivalent to a one tiring marathon), or just go about your busy 14 hour day as usual not a second complaining about discomfort. Not forgetting some cool shades, of course, because which outfit can be ever spoiled by a pair of good sunnies and you are all set.

“Killer” enough?

Photography and editing by Chrystlm